Our trip to Aruba was the beginning of JGOOT. I stumbled across ridiculously cheap flights, bundled that with quite a nice hotel, and called Michelle saying “What are we doing the third week of July?”.
“Nothing, why?” she said.
“Because we can fly there AND stay at the Renaissance for about $700 each.”

The renaissance, BTW, has their own private beautiful island with one quiet beach for adults only, and another (also quiet and safe) beach for families. You can feed the flamingos, snorkel with thousands of fish, and not worry about the kids because it’s all inside a protective reef.

While there, be sure to check out the Flying Fishbone restaurant. It’s both of our favorite dining experiences EVER. (Get there a couple hours before sunset. It’s easily a 3 to 4 hour experience, and worth every minute. Apparently their reputation precedes them because we watched two couples get engaged there.

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