950 out of 1000 questions asked…

For every 1000 emails I get from JGOOT subscribers, about 980 of them ask me one of the five questions below. If you ever send me an email or message asking one of the questions below, I apologize in advance for not being able to respond individually, but I have done my best to answer […]

All the work is done for you

“The deals are legit. He starts with an amazing airfare and then tacks on a budget hotel with links to higher end hotel options as well. All the work is done for you.” Aimee Westcott [If you’d like to save 20 to 30 hours a month finding travel deals worth scheduling vacation time around, upgrade […]

Just booked a trip to Calgary!

Just booked a trip! Total price for round-trip premium economy to Calgary came to $280, nonstop, including free baggage. I’m excited to finally get to Banff and Lake Louise! I also found a good deal on Airbnb using your alternate lodging links. Thank you! Suman Kamath

Cancun (Over the holidays) $200 round-trip

‘We are going to Cancun over the Holidays with $200 roundtrip tickets thanks to Just Get Out Of Town!!” Lise Roussin Want to find a trip that fits YOUR needs? Click here to upgrade your subscription to premium.

“I thought I was a savvy traveler but…”

“Here I thought I was a savvy traveler, but damn!! Best deals I’ve ever seen. It is so hard to be responsible and not go on every trip posted!” Lauren Wolff

“Just Get Out Of Town Is A Hidden Gem I’m glad I discovered”

“I love this site!! The emails I receive are amazing and the deals are unreal. In a way it’s dangerous for I find myself wanting to book a new trip daily! All the info is very helpful and the links take you right where you need to go to find more info and book the […]

“Going to save me hours of looking online before booking travel”

“This site is amazing! I can’t even believe how cheap some of these deals are. I love that the destinations are all over the world and leaving from my home town. The deals are delivered straight to your inbox and there are different options with links depending on cost and where you would like to […]

JGOOT In The News

One of JGOOT’s most frequent travelers and I were recently interviewed by Shawn Chitnis at CBS News. Details below. –Joel From DENVER (CBS4) – A travel website specializing in discount deals promises to provide its premium service with hundreds of affordable vacations each month for free to teachers, first responders and anyone working for a nonprofit each time […]

The deals Joel finds are difficult to ignore

“I LOVE “Just get out of Town”!! It’s amazing how my perspective of traveling the US has changed. Before finding this site I thought it was impossible traveling cheap through the US but now… I don’t have any excuse! The deals Joel finds are great. Really difficult to ignore…” Eider Etxebarrieta  

Testimonial from Karl Merida

“Great deals, many trips that you never thought were possible!!”