Labor Day Weekend Trips. Flights starting at $103

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If you want to get out of town for Labor day, it’s time to start watching for deals. They’re not as good as most deals we find, but when your only option for travel is popular holidays, them’s the breaks....

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Labor Day Trip – Denver to Santo Domingo, DR: $518 including 7 nights

6-14 days, AA weekends & holidays, AA when school out, All-Inclusive Options, August, Beaches, Caribbean, Diving, International Trips, Islands, Labor Day Weekend, September, Summer Trips, Top 10 Deals ,

Yesterday, I posted a great price to Punta Cana, DR. This is slightly less at a totally different time. ┬áHave fun! Also note that this is over Labor Day weekend so if you’re tight on vacation days, you only have...

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