Hi Denver neighbor,

Renaissance hotel - ArubaI’m Joel. I’m a recovering workaholic and I am very passionate about travel.

People ask me all the time how I travel so much & the answer is simple: First – I find really cheap flights. Then, I find hotels that discount their rate if I book along with the flight.  When I find trips that are too good to pass up, I book them.

It’s quite time-consuming to find that perfect combination of cheap flights and cheap hotels. There is no sense in more than one person having to do all of that work so I built this site for your convenience.

As a free subscriber, you can use it as inspiration, or to reduce the amount of time you spend finding deals on your own. There is never an obligation to become a paid VIP member.

A few things to keep in mind as you poke around:

  1. All deals I share here can be researched on Kayak, Travelocity, Expedia, Google Flights, or whatever your preferred travel site is
  2. All trips I share will be out of Denver airport. (I hate when I get emails publishing a certain fare only to find out that that fare is out of another airport.)
  3. Unless otherwise noted, all flight prices I post are for round-trip travel.
  4. Prices for hotel packages I mention assume double-occupancy, and always include the flight and hotel price combined. If you’re traveling with more or less people, you can adjust your search accordingly on Kayak.com for more accurate pricing.
  5. Since my goal is to share exotic travel deals at the cheapest price possible, prices for any hotel packages I mention are for the least expensive hotel in that area. You can always adjust your search for higher quality hotels.
  6. Prices are likely to change on anything older than a few days (if not a few hours). I intentionally leave them up so you can see what kind of deals I’ve found in the past.  Feel free to check the links provided just in case, but you’re probably best off just bookmarking this site or subscribing to my email alert list so you can stay on top of the latest deals.
  7. Most importantly: I am a blogger in a basement who cherrypicks the best 1 deal for every 10,000 deals to post on this site.  I am not a travel agent and I refuse to clutter up this site with anything other than unbelievable travel deals.
    • If you’re looking for a cheaper fare for your cousin’s wedding during a specific time – you’ll be better off visiting your favorite travel site.
    • If you’re looking for deals so amazing that you’d be willing to plan ahead and take vacation time to take advantage of one of the deals on this site, you’re in the right place.

Happy Travels!


PS – All links provided in the VIP member’s area take you directly to Kayak.com, AirBnB.com, or VRBO.com, and sometimes Travelocity.  I am not paid by any of those sites for sending them traffic, and you are getting the same deals I get for myself when buying airfare or hotels.  My only compensation is from VIP customers – who pay for the convenience of 1-click access to every deal I share (as well as several deals a month that are too good to share on the free site.)

PSS -If you don’t have access to the links mentioned above, you’re in the free subscriber’s area.  Most of the deals I post have less than 6 or 8 seats available at that price and with over 20,000 free subscribers, they’d sell out instantly if I posted them publicly.  Click here to become a VIP. 

PSSS – If you’re curious about why I’m so passionate about travel and why I’m doing this, click here.